body weight issues

I started running again for the past two weeks, and I’m glad to somehow keep up.

It’s difficult for me as I’ve put off this goal for so many months. It took me a while to (finally) listen to my ‘body issues’, as it was constantly nagged by no less than my ‘body’ itself. When weight drama issues such as the inability to wear (two or more of) your favorite pants, avoiding to check your body in the mirror, or friends bluntly saying “you’re getting fatter” each time they see you, seem to go on & on incessantly, you know it’s time to pause and check. That and the fact that each frustration in my life pushed me to un-curb my appetite and devour each delectable dish on sight.

Not good, I know. Anyway.

I haven’t landed my goal weight, just yet; however, my sweating off somewhat gave me a better kind of feeling. A lighter kind. Probably psychological. But if you go ahead and ask that someone dear to me, he’ll say my skin gets glowing. Ho-hum. At least, that’s improvement.

So I google-d my way to finding out my BMI (Body Mass Index). The result?!

Despite it all, fellas, I’m still under the normal category.

(Although I find myself dealing with my trust issues on the reference site, given the ‘grammar glitch’. But hey, nobody’s perfect.)

You do not live to eat. You eat to live.


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