the suriya surrealism

Met up with a dear friend for lunch to do some catching up, alongside a brief business meeting. An added bonus of the meet up was a Suriya Spa gift certificate passed on to me. How could I resist?!

After the recent change in my health lifestyle (I jog now, remember?! Lolz), an R&R such as this is timely and much appreciated. As it is, I’m glad that fate was on my side: my friend had an appointment near my working place, the spa branch was literally a 10-minute drive away from the office and yes, I was already booked a few days back.

Soon as I entered the door, a wonderful staff promptly accommodated me. Waiting time was no more than ten minutes, as several rooms were available (Thank God for weekdays!).  As per one of my conversations with the masseuse, the place usually is a full house on weekends. And the masseuse?! Great! I can really tell she has undergone intensive training. She was very attentive, making sure that I wasn’t getting hurt in terms of massage pressure points.

Frontera Verde Branch

The place itself, from its architecture down to its interiors, creates an environment of tranquility and calm. My experience obviously was a wonderful retreat from the outside world— a 120 minutes of retreat, that is, in a fancy Asian-themed sanctuary (which by the way, I normally don’t do often!)

That’s good enough for me. (Thanks, Benefactor!)


qu'est-ce que c'est?

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