down the rua das estalagens

In case you’re wondering where in Southeast Asia I was, wonder no more.

I went to Hong Kong along with the boyfriend, and a friend to do a prenup shoot for old time pals a.k.a. “clients”. We landed in time without any hassles at all, thanks to Cebu Pacific for living up to it’s “fun flight” slogan. HK is pretty much a fast paced country, you can clearly tell the moment you land in their airport. For starters, transportation was fast and convenient everywhere in the city. It felt like a century or so since my last visit on this (Asian) side of the town, I forgot what it felt like! 🙂 Glad to be back & this time around, it definitely was better!

Weather was perfectly fine for my companions and I to roam around Macau – 5 hours to be exact – soon after dropping off our stuff at a cozy inn down Kowloon. (In case you were wondering, our shoot was on the next day. Thus, our “free” time to country hop.)

I digress. Let’s continue with Macau.

For such a small country (SAR, China), you can check the city’s highlights in less than a day! I took mandatory shots of the country’s landmarks but I’ll save it for another entry. Personally, one of the highlights I had was our discovery of a small area down Rua Das Estalagens which features graffiti art of the locals.

I’ll let the photos do the rest of the “talking”:

On our way to the ruins of St. Paul’s, we “stumbled” upon this graffiti park. Inside view of the park.

Purple Magnifier. Oh yeah, he’s watching.

It’s Pikachu, “Jekyll Version” behind the framed graffitis.

Cute Gangsta’ Kid

Macau’s Sarimanok and More.

Part of the bigger graffiti art wall

Don’t Wash Our Bs.

Who knew this side of Macau?! I hope to check out more graffiti art next time!


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