this should go down in history books

10.03.12- The day that my country, the Philippines, put into effect Cybercrime Prevention act. It has been very much talked about for days, weeks and yes, even months; but the resounding voice of the netizens has never been loud until now.

Our country’s bill has finally made international news. Thanks to, our news has become Trending Story #2:

Since everyone’s opinion, both good or bad, has mostly been expressed via rallies, strikes & social media, allow me to say my piece:

What fascinates me about this certain kind of bill, is how in the not-so-distant future, there’s always that element of surprise. I have read or known some stories of the past that gives people like us things or experiences least expected or never expected at all. Or as the cliché goes: be careful what you wish for. In this case, be careful of what you approved, you signed, and you implemented.

I’m not looking forward to government politicians getting crucified by their laws, trust me; but again, let me revert to a thousand events from the history that gave witness to the IRONY of life, some of which were these: The unsinkable Titanic sank (1912),  Cane Toads that were meant to help Australia’s ecosystem ‘destroyed’ their ecosystem (1930), Animal lover Steve Irwin’s cause of death was by a stingray (2006),or to make it more relatable, one of the senators who passed the law was also accused of plagiarism, which by the way, is also punishable by the very same law he approved of.

This notion is not to soften the blow on those heavily affected by the passing of the bill. I’m just saying, the law does not exempt anyone, and obviously, the very people who pushed this bill to existence may possibly be the very same people who may get indicted by the said law. When it does, it wouldn’t surprise me.

In no reason do I intend to be self-righteous, either. But as you can see, history has always shed a thing or two from which we can hopefully learn and grow.

As to whether I’m a PRO- or a  CON-, again, I think most of the views were already said. I’m just stating the possibility to those who have promulgated it and hopefully, not regret it.

Let the ‘law’ begin.

Preliminary Provisions of Republic Act No. 10175 also known as Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 here.


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