people portrait


Years back when I was on the “testing the waters” stage of my career path, I met this woman in a work environment I least expected myself to be: in a BANK. To say I was happy with my job would be a lie; nonetheless, I was definitely grateful for the friends I met and lessons I learned at that certain point in time. In a way, it helps me to stay grounded and appreciate the person I become (& continuously am!)

But as it is, you simply cannot NOT do things you are born for. And though I was a commerce graduate equipped with business background, I still went back to my first love: ARTS.

Fast forward 2012, this woman and I communicated via social media and alas! The photo session & catching up over lunch took place— all in one day. I’m glad that my friend (the model) has definitely come a long way in terms of love and career. 🙂 It obviously showed in the photos!

I’m happy we came out with some nice shots. Starting with one of my favorites.

(Thanks, Icar! Both a privilege and pleasure to work with you!)


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