12 weeks ago

Warning: Contains graphic images

It was a rainy Sunday morning when an accident happened literally steps away from our house. It involved a jeepney & a motorcycle. Obviously, the person on the motorcycle was on the losing end, with one of his legs seriously wounded, according to some witnesses. The man was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital.

Before long, people surrounded the scene of the accident.

Ten minutes (or so) after waking up, I found out about the accident, changed my clothes and grabbed my camera.

I saw the police arrived few minutes later.

When I saw the delivery number on the vehicle, I had this “gut feel” to call the pizza delivery house. So I did. I looked for the manager/owner to inform them that their delivery guy was a victim of a road accident. Suffice to say, the owner was surprised, thanked me & said they were on their way.

Soon as I hung up the phone, I learned that it takes more than just being a spectator or someone who takes photos.


qu'est-ce que c'est?

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