a love story

One of the most ‘fun’ projects I had  for this year was the HK Prenup Shoot.

This couple are dear friends of mine for years. To say the least, I’m a “witness” of a love that surely has blossomed, and is exceptionally blessed throughout the years. Early part of this year, I was asked to take their photos (alongside ze boyfriend) in Hong Kong. Without hesitation, I immediately said “yes!”.

Our budget was planned for the September trip, and research for location/s was done. If you ask me, Friends and Hong Kong is a perfect combo for a memorable shoot. 🙂 That, and it really was a pretty sweet deal. Imagine: doing the thing you love in a place you love (to go shopping! Hah!)

So we planned for months and a co-photographer decided to join soon after.

“Soon after” came and true enough, the enjoyable shoot transpired. The weather was cooperative, the “props” were naturally provided for. Spontaneity for shoot concepts came next. (Initially, there was a plan. But at times, plan doesn’t always come out as expected. On the brighter side of it, the ability to be “random” with a game-on attitude seem to make up for everything!)

Above is one of the on-the-spot concepts we did. We saw the white wall and at that point in time, it served as a great background for documenting one of “THE” couple moments.

Looking forward to these guys tying the knot. Seriously! 🙂

All the best in life & love, Bry and Kate. May God continuously shower you both His love & grace as individuals & as a couple! Thanks, in behalf of the team, for entrusting us to “capture” your love story.

More photos, check here:



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