tonight, i just want to relax and listen to lounge

The past couple of days weeks has been quite a handful — 50% spent at the office, 25% doing personal errands and 25% leisure and relaxation. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: no complains. Work is a vital part of life and without work, how does bread and butter come in?

Yet, life shouldn’t be consumed by work — many times I tell myself and others as well. Otherwise, there’s no balance at all. And without balance, it often becomes dangerous. Admittedly, I don’t get to fully live by my own “credo”, which is why saying it out loud (or writing it for that matter!) is a reminder that every once in a while, a moment to pause or reflect is in order.

What do I do for relaxation?

1. If budget & time allows, I definitely aim to travel. Traveling, whether local or international, keeps me motivated. There’s so much to see, so many people to meet (and food to eat!), so much to experience. Another reason why I love to do so is because of spiritual re-affirmation, knowing that besides all the evil we see, hear and feel in this world, the good still outweighs it. That, and the idea of taking all these things with me through photos.

2. Another would be running. I have stopped doing so for years; but with a good partner to motivate, I’m “seemingly” on the track (pun intended!) again. Hopefully, it’ll be for good this time. Running keeps my physical and mental being “in-check”. For some reason (and I’m not quite sure if it goes the same with other runners), running helps me clear my head and in some ways, allows me to organize my thoughts. And yes, it helps me maintain/ lose weight.

3. Listen to good music. I like music. I guess as an artist, music plays a vital part in getting me attuned to my creative side. On what kind of music… it depends. Right now, I’m currently listening to iTunes Radio, ABC Lounge.  A soft, relaxing, spa-like music soothes best after a hard smart day’s work (Going by the adage that my boss often would say, “Work SMARTER, not Harder.”)

Screen Shot 2012-12-12 at 8.41.50 PM

4. All out “creative”. Write, doodle, photography… even styling my hair, applying makeup  or painting my nails! The simple joy of sharing a part of me through one of these outlets keep me sane.

5. Pray and Read the Bible. In a world wherein taboos are increasingly tolerated by society and morals are not, learning how God is (constant) throughout history is vital… at least to me. I’ve been called names or insulted because of my faith, some by strangers and at times, by friends and family. But as I would see it, a truth told by Christ on how persecution is real. Acknowledging that I am nothing without Christ helps me retrace where every blessing, every miracle and grace comes from. The pressure is very much real to live a holy life. I’m in no means perfect, and I would be a hypocrite to say that I don’t have shortcomings. It is a challenge, everyday. That is why I need God.

To detail it all out, however, is for another subject. Another blog entry.

Reading God’s word, bottom-line, helps me think clearly and be guided. Now, the rest is what I call “freedom of choice”.

So these are some things that keeps me relaxed and my batteries recharged. Not to mention, natural habits like eating and sleeping. 🙂 How about you? What keeps your sanity intact?


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