dreams of magnolia

Back when I was a kid,  I had the fondest memory of going with my family at the Old Magnolia Creamery in Aurora, Cubao. We usually go on weekends, either after Church or during those times wherein it feels like summer! (which is often! Hel-lo, Philippines!) Spending time with my family in the said place never fails to put a smile on my face, sitting there at one corner and indulging in whatever ice cream or parfait our mouths craved for.

Fast forward to today, with the old creamery gone, Robinson’s Magnolia emerged. A neighborhood mall, surrounded by mostly residences and few commercial buildings, I’m glad that it has never failed to give “tribute” to Philippines’ once famous Ice Cream House (Hence, the Magnolia alongside its mall name).That, and the fact that they reinvented the place to build new memories for the next generation of kids and families.

After months and months of waiting and planning with Alvin, we finally “caved” in last weekend. And boy, was it a blast! 🙂


The logo itself already has a vintage feel, suddenly, it felt like it was only yesterday!


The little detail inside the Creamery.


Seriously, this guy has mastered the craft of making “ice cream” look goooooooooood!!!


Aside from ice cream, they now introduced burgers, pasta and a few more meals in their menu. This Bacon Mushroom Melt Burger is absolutely delicious!


Notice the Baby Ruth-ish logo of the table napkins? Hmmm.


This lady is the “voice” of all ice cream follow-ups! As ice cream is served in the latter part of the meal, she is the one who usually gives the signal to the “Ice Cream” experts! By the way, their uniform suits the whole Ice Cream Parlor theme nicely!


The eager kid watched and sat by the Ice Cream Showcase area, for lack of better term.


Red Velvet Ice Cream

Embroidered details of the bill folder exudes a “classic and chic” restaurant feel, giving a sense of nostalgia before leaving the place.

Thankfully, Magnolia is back. And I hope it stays for good.


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