where i was the day the mayans ended the world (calendar)

I greeted 12mn of 12 December 2012 at the office, with four of my officemates. Life moved on and not for a bit did I believe that it was the end of the world that day. The hype was over-the-top, at least for some that they go about thinking they would do what they wish to do with their lives. Oh well. Each has their own beliefs although I still hope for the day wherein most would just believe God’s Word.

That goes without saying that I never believe in the end of the world though. I still do. But my point of view is based on biblical prophesies, knowing that many false predictions will come (or came) before the actual day wherein Christ will return.

Stalling…sorry about that.

So I slept the afternoon away upon arriving home that morning. I decided to extend a couple of hours in the office as I was to take the “night” off Friday. I had set my alarm at 6pm, and prepared myself for my annual tradition as a Thomasian: Paskuhan.


Spotlight on UST on the supposed end of the world.


This year’s tree aimed for the native, earthy feel.


Welcome to Asia’s oldest existing university.


I told you it is the oldest! 🙂


Fireworks lit up Manila sky at 10pm last night.

This time, I came prepared and alone. I decided not to meet anyone, knowing that more or less, the probability of meeting someone I know is high. I saw some familiar face, but quite unfortunate, I was attuned to taking photos of my Alma Mater and went nostalgic with fond memories of Christmastime with my friends.

The sight was busy as usual: students and alumni packed the university, alongside media people who covered the event. There were police on standby this time, making sure that crime inside the school is close to none. I don’t think there was either, or if there was, nothing obvious, I suppose. I didn’t make it to the parade (the theme was Disney characters), but for what the trip is worth, I chanced upon the fireworks *yay* and Radioactive Sago Project (alongside many OPM bands, but they are my most favorite).

Here are some photos:


The white thing at the top left side of the photo is actually the moon.


These reindeers got lost in the tropics.


Phantom of the Univesity. Or at least to that effect.

1221_framing the cross

More lights “encapsulate” the UST Main Building

1221_christmas tree

A Christmas Tree adorn the middle of the UST plaza. In the background is Petra co-hosting the program and raffle draw.


From the other side of the football field. Students camped in, enjoying the annual school festivity.

1221_nativity filipino-style

UST’s version of the Nativity Scene. These are HUGE, I tell ya! I just did a close up.

1221_spotlight deux

Until next Paskuhan, USTe. I had fun taking photos and don’t mind taking them again. 🙂


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