ang manok ni san pedro

st. peter's rooster

Yesterday, I went to my boyfriend’s house to have lunch with his family. It has been quite a while since I stepped back in San Pedro, Laguna. I’m sure glad I did.

Laguna is quite a developing city and I really am hoping it will further grow to be one of the business capitals in the country. A lot has changed for the past couple of years, that somehow, I begin to imagine living there. Plus, it is quite a good thing that my Alma Mater has plans to branch out the university there, alongside a couple of great, decent schools in any case one wants to raise a family.

Commercial businesses also spurt out like mushrooms, you won’t even have to start and wonder if you are living in the middle of nowhere. I’m glad that land developers such as Ayala Land Inc, Eton Properties Philippines, Inc, Megaworld Corp, among many others, had long before believed in the capacity of Laguna. Maybe someday, we would indeed turn my playful imagination a reality.

It is always a good feeling to be in a different environment every now and then. That and we get to hang out with our friends in a coffee house like no other. Indeed, I’m sure to be back again.


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