a pinch of reality

With 2012 being a blessed year, I wouldn’t mind having 2013 the same. (Or even better!) As mentioned on news — both TV and print —  Philippines is doing great economically, with its current GDP higher than what economists predicted. Confidence of local and international investors in the current government was cited as one of the factors why our country is doing great.

But then truth hits you on the unexpected places. On the road, for starters:


I still believe that our country improved in a lot of aspects. It still is (improving). Aside from investors, the public has developed confidence in the government as it find ways to fight corruption. Our increasing population has been an asset in terms of providing a younger workforce eager to earn a living and provide for families. It (Population) may still be a current issue (i.e. Reproductive Health Bill), but right now, it works to our advantage.

But like any other countries – developed or not – poverty, values and lack of education still needs to be addressed.

It takes more than the confidence of the people in the government to fight corruption. Education still is the key. Then the rest follows. If knowledge is widespread and every Filipino is provided with good education, this country can maximize its potential. If so, then it goes hand in hand with the bountiful natural resource we currently (and hopefully!) sustain.

I don’t just hope for my own well-being this year. I hope and pray for the rest of my countrymen to experience a better life, just the same. I hope, with all the good news I’m seeing thru media, it all compliments the standard of living that this nation aims for.

Until then, maybe migration and working overseas won’t be an option for most of Filipinos. In particular, for most idealists that was let down by its own countrymen and Government.


qu'est-ce que c'est?

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