comrades, cars and coffee

Alvin and I decided to meet colleagues down south for catch-up conversations during our Christmas break. After lunch with his family, we went ahead and ventured to a cafe like no other!


Pitstop Coffee Shop

Pitstop Coffee Shop is located in San Pedro, Laguna. The concept is quite unique compared to several coffee shops here in Manila.

For starters, the owner/s decided to integrate another one of his passions — collecting model cars— to serve as a delightful cafe interior. Literally, there are model cars in EVERY CORNER of the cafe! How amazing is that?!

I can only imagine other car enthusiasts enjoying their stay in the coffee shop to hang out and marvel on every kind of miniature cars —- down from vintage collection of beautifully furnished wood & metal cars (sorry, didn’t take the photos) to the up-to-date modern ones.


This greets you once you order.


Toy Car Collection


Collection translated into coffee mugs


“Some” of the owner’s collection on display.

  There are still loads of things to see (and food to eat!) at Pitstop’s. Not to mention, the coffee certainly didn’t disappoint, plus the food is worth every peso. It is a hangout I wouldn’t mind going back to again, just because it isn’t too commercial for my taste! Plus, I get to hang out with travel companions who also has quite an adventurous spirit when it comes to food (including coffee!) that is remarkably promising!

I hope Pitstop would decide to venture in the metropolis. I’m glad they were able to meet more than just our taste buds, but our passion for unique cafe concepts like this one.

Find them on Facebook:

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