bread outside zion


One of the 7 open gates in the Old City of Jerusalem, the Zion Gate

More than half of our Israel tour was spent in Jerusalem. At first, it seems overwhelming: city on a hill, locals of various faith, old city “injected” with the new, and the fact that at one point, Jesus spent His last days here as a human. Then, as each day went by, I have familiarized myself, through visuals, of the Old City of Jerusalem. I have learned that there are seven open gates in this walled location, one of which is the Zion Gate.

There were a lot of passageways/ alleys inside the walled city. It was scary the first time; the last thing I needed to be is to be lost inside the foreign gates, let alone a foreign city! But each passing day, we have been roaming around this city several times that the idea of getting lost has now turned into an gradual craving for adventure. At least in my head. I was with my tour mates and I wouldn’t have it any other way given my first time in Israel.

Zion gate was supposedly one of the first gates that we should have entered. Despite that it’s lean season (winter time in Israel, but our former New Yorker of a tour guide described the weather as “think US Spring”), there were still a lot of tourists, in groups (like us!), that we decided to change course.

Then I saw this bread stand, literally few steps away from the gate. I drooled and stared! I have a weakness for bread and pastries, especially for ones that are “unfamiliar”. I’ve always have a knack for adventure and food is definitely included. But, we have a schedule to follow and I thought to buy some other time.

Unfortunately for me, that “some other time” never came.


Fresh bread sold outside the nearby Zion Gate

So maybe next time, dear breads. Maybe next time, there’ll be more fresher batches of you located at all the seven open gates of the Old City.

Who knows? I just might be back, God-willing (and again! I never thought I would, in reality, be in Israel at this time of my life!)


Also known as the Jewish Quarter Gate, this is what greets you upon entering the place.



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