crossing off that bucket list

17 February 2013

It was a little after 1pm. Or maybe 2. Our tour group was filled with the taste of authentic shawarma for lunch. With a wee bit more time to relax and enjoy the scenery (since the restaurant is in front of the plaza), I decided to roam around the city streets and enjoy the foreign (and lovely, if I may add!) view.

After a couple minutes walking and clicking away, I slowed down and sat at one of the park seats. Marveling at the stray cats roaming around the plaza, I was caught off guard as a lady approached me and asked if I mind her sitting with me. I smiled and said I didn’t. She ate fruits while admiring the scenery and the cats, too.

It wasn’t soon enough that I decided to start a conversation. I’m bad at remembering names, but this lady is from Melbourne, Australia — one of my favorite fashionista cities (aside from obviously being an artsy place!). She was staying with a friend who resides in Tel-aviv, and decided to visit Jerusalem, alone, for a day tour. She was fond of cats (like I haven’t said that before!) and likes to travel.

It wasn’t long enough when our group was called for our next stop, so sadly, we had to say goodbye. Taking hold of the opportunity, I asked if I can take a photo of her, and she gladly obliged.


For some reason, she reminded me of a Hollywood celebrity*

This was a part of my bucket list back in 2008, while I was in Queensland, Australia: To talk to a stranger. Five years later, I did. And funny how life works, I talked to an Australian, as if life wants me to fulfill the list!

I was happy to have met a stranger and exchanged warm smiles.

*Can you guess the Hollywood Actress that she resembles?


Oh yes, I told her she looks like SJP! 🙂


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