they disguise it with their lips, they conceal it with their deception

“They” refers to your enemies. “It” refers to malice.

Amazing how much the Word holds Truth about life. The sweeter the talk, the more one should be careful. 

Proverbs 26:24

Enemies disguise themselves with their lips, but in their hearts they harbor deceit.25 Though their speech is charming, do not believe them,for seven abominations fill their hearts.

A helpful video (devotion) that distinguishes who your real friends are and who your enemies are, disguised in sheep’s clothing.

arrogance & pride

The thought began when I overheard someone say something that interpreted to “I am too good for this!”

Then I said to myself, “Wow. So this is how far that person had become.” I saw how that person’s journey began from the bottom towards the top, and the persona that manifested exudes a strong aroma of arrogance and pride in less than ten years. Frankly, that’s a short amount of time.

No mocking around. The scenario was a sad reality, among many other things.

The same holds true to a lot of people us. All of us.

(Warning: LONG POST.)

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a waltz for a night

Out of curiosity, I searched for the 90’s US film that has racked my head for days months now:


When I saw this poster back in high school, the first thought in my head was, “Geez. One of them is bound to die.” Boy was I wrong.

Before Sunrise tells the story of  young travelers who have met on a train to Vienna. Jesse is an American teen who just visited a friend in Madrid, and Celine is a French lady who has visited her grandma in Budapest and off to the University of Paris. After striking conversation in the train, & out of spontaneity, they decided to spend a night in Vienna together before they go separate ways the next day. In their mind, the plan maybe a bad thing. Or a good one.

Turns out it was the latter.

Theirs was an imperfect love. Like most young people are, the movie plot portrayed both innocence and vulnerability when it comes to love’s definition. The dialogues were witty and engaging. As you dive deeper into the plot, you suddenly realize how their conversations can actually happen somewhere in a European crosscountry train. Between two young adventurous people.

The ending is realistic and quite sad. They didn’t end up together, but somehow, made it a point to ensure that one night change their lives forever.

The movie will somehow challenge you to believe in attraction that can root into a deeper emotion. The idea of taking the “plunge” and believe that the choice you make, right then and there, can change your life forever. There were some scenes (like engaging into one night stands) that are a contradiction to my belief. But the movie portrays snippets of reality and it is up to you to pick up lessons you can apply in your life. Or if not, at least to entertain you to the idea that theirs is a love that has a very low probability of happening in real life.

(Yet somehow, makes the audience want to believe that something like it can actually happen. And can possibly be a lovely thing!)

Then this morning (as early as 4am!), still can’t get enough of Jesse and Celine’s story, I decided to watch the continuum of their love story:

Before Sunset

Before Sunset. 9 years later, Jesse wrote a book about his encounter with Celine. Celine, at the book signing, finds him.

I have yet to watch the final installation for this 3-part storyline (Before Midnight). But this second flick got me with their (once again) witty dialogues and conversations. It can certainly get to a person regretting someone who seem to have gotten away. Then shows up your door several years later.

One of the scenes in the movie that I like best, as the emotion is raw and sincere. Here, Celine sang and played the guitar for Jesse:

so maybe i am an artist

I have described myself an artist. But it takes more than a description; I have to still post some of my works (aside from photos). Maybe soon. Moving on…

I say that (I’m an artist) not just because of arts. More so, of how I am — How my mood works. How I think.

No, I’m not bipolar nor do I intend to belittle someone who is. The thing about my mood simply reflects on my body language, my facial reaction. I try in as much to contain myself when I’m angry, frustrated or whatnots. But people who know me that well can see the transparency, sans all the face gunk nor facade I try to put on.

Another is the mood to be creative. Creativity can be translated through words, through images, through art; in my case, I try in as much to post (more) photos rather than art. Words? Maybe sometimes (like now).

And my “being an artist” translates here. When creative mood shifts in, notice how posts are continuous through photos shown and words expressed. Then the “creative block” pays a visit: no matter how many ideas, how many words, how many archived photos…. NONE. No inspiration to draw from, nor strength to even put up a fight.

So the silence drifts.

Then without even thinking to be creative, the block is gone. I miss being creative. I miss thinking of ways-to-be.

That’s part of the artist’s pigment. I have the creative block to discourage me to be, for a while. But like any other artist people, you have to find a way to simply get up and carry on. In my case, to be an artist.

(All of these I write, as I watch listen to the movie “Before Sunrise”).