me and the artsy underground

The year was 2009. Those were the days wherein everything seem to be much simpler. Carefree and less things to worry about. It was around that time we seem so young and just let things be.

But times change and people evolve. So does priorities. Family and friends alike tend to pursue their dreams. Their destiny. Just like I am currently doing mine. Now, less talk and more action. It’s time to focus on the present and prepare for the future.

And despite it all, let us not forget the past. Ugly or not, it is part of our story. Our history.

Three years and five months ago, these images were a part of mine.




A fancy light decor up the ceiling

Saguijo (Guijo St., Makati) circa 2009


Sabi ni Lourd. Oh yes, Lourd de Veyra of Radioactive Sago Project


Of wires and music instrument tools


Armi on the piano organ


Armi of Up Dharma Down


Wall art. Mariposa, is it?


qu'est-ce que c'est?

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