university slang

The brownout in the metro became my “welcome gesture” to visit my Alma Mater. Without electricity, my room feels like inferno and some fresh air is in order. Some said the power outage was due to election season; some said it was simply a generation-supply deficiency.

But I digress.

So I went to UST and got amused by the quirky additions at the Benavides Park (a.k.a. Lovers Lane): signs of university course “slangs” randomly placed in every corner. Almost.

I can only imagine once classes start on June. Think: The Boat is Sinking and students search & find the course where they belong. Or meet ups “simplified” just by going straight to their respective course signs.

Obviously, I took photos. Not of each college though; only those that has a special place in my family. 🙂 Below is a photo of the colleges (and high school. again!) of my siblings and I years back:


Quirky College Slangs (Top to Bottom): Arki – Architecture | Eng – Engineering | Comm – Commerce | HS –  High School

Fun! These are times wherein few blocks away from the University is such a blessing. 🙂


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