those days of summer

Jackets. Huge Umbrellas. Coats. Rain boots. Hot cocoa. And the metro-flood (which by the way, is the only thing I don’t look forward to).

But yes…

Welcome rain and cold, cozy nights of sleep!

I’m glad to be taking “months off” from summer . As Manila & the rest of the country kicks off the rainy season, allow me to post another entry way past its due (2 months or so!). My high school friends and I kicked off April right with an out of town getaway, road trip and loads of misadventures. At the very least, these photos will somewhat keep me warm with fond memories of Summer 2013:


Potipot Island, Candelaria, Zambales


This little “twiggy” got washed by the seashore.


My friend by his lonesome. Or solace.


Butt naked boy and half naked boy basking under the sun.


We got a good spot on a part of the island.


Manong as we are to depart from the resort towards Potipot Island.


My feet shot.


Somewhere I long to be. At least once in a year.


Brown sand by the resort location.


Perfect weather all throughout our stay in the town.


Guess where I was?

Until next summer! For the time being, I am to enjoy rain. 🙂


qu'est-ce que c'est?

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