tranquillité sous la pluie

Bien au contraire, I’m much enjoying rain when I’m here at home —I’m worry-free on how horrid the traffic will be nor how long will I thread the interesting flood in the metro.

Just the opposite of what happened 10 months and 7 days ago: 2 of my colleagues and I got trapped in the office somewhere Ortigas Business District. Flood was literally everywhere, including our residential area, we couldn’t get home. Now, I’m ready as ever, packing up my “emergency kit” should it happen again while I’m at the office.

But that worry is for another day. As it is today tonight, I am enjoying the cool weather and listening to Parisian music. Perhaps, a warm cup of coffee while I sit back and start the weekend right.


Maybe. Or maybe not. Or maybe not ever again. 2013 storms and strong rains, please be kind-er this time. 🙂

Or…I could go ahead, kill the moment and watch Man of Steel. I might as well wear a jacket and walk to the mall, which is only a couple of blocks away. Now, that’s another option to kickoff the weekend right, no?


qu'est-ce que c'est?

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