turkish sunrise


Enjoying the view from the plane, woke up to a beautiful scenery.


Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.


Oh yes, I wasn’t. I was above the Turkish plains, mountains and city.

Even if it was a short layover, it was nice to land in a different country. Considering the fast-paced stopovers from Hongkong to Turkey to Israel, I stopped for a minute or two and appreciated (Turkey). Their airport and airlines, to be exact. And the view from above.

Plus, the free dried apricots given in the plane. Totally different from the one I bought here.

Maybe someday, I will do more than just a stop over. Turkey is not exactly in my bucket list. But life is random and full of surprises so who knows? Ask me again five to ten years from now.

a rainy season song

I had the blues once. Okay, maybe I still do sometimes.

But not the kind of blues the song, I Can’t Make You Love Me, tells about (& hoping I won’t feel anymore!). Obviously, it is a break-up song —every lyric, every note and every key summarizes the pain. It is about a romantic story gone awry, with one of the parties falling out of love.

And the pain comes in many versions, if I may add.

Since rainy days remind me of this song more frequent than usual, allow me to indulge on this track and share it with you. Below are my top three favorite renditions of the song. Each has a different take (on the song); yet, notice how each singer expresses their own personal pain through it.

Gets me everytime.


3rd. Bon Iver:

2nd. George Michael:

AND the 1st place goes to…

Bonnie Raitt. No less than. Her version is a classic, an all-time favorite.

Yes. She had the pain that started it all.