mount of beatitudes

Day 2 of February 2013’s Israel tour. I’ve been delayed on posting some a lot of the tour photos, but you can check all of ’em here.

We went to the Mount of Beatitudes in northern Israel, a place where Jesus delivered the sermon on the mount. Its location is somewhere near Capernaum, Tabgha and the Sea of Galilee (also, some places we’ve been to the same day). This is one of my favorite places; aside from the fact that Jesus had one of His beautiful sermons here, the scenery was quite breathtaking. Best part? The mount was peaceful and serene, a luxury you don’t often get in eclectic Manila.


lemon tree


Mosaic art by Italian artist Vasco Nasorri


The mosaic art was created in 1984


It is located on the floor near the Roman Catholic chapel


The Roman Franciscan Chapel built in 1938


Inscription on the chapel door


Chapel Structure


Near the entrance on the mount


Chapel Structure


Lovely tree


walking around the chapel


qu'est-ce que c'est?

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