mac this september

I have been through the shoes and clothes phase. Then, the accessories. But as I have added years into my existence, my latest fascination belongs to skin care and make up.

Let’s discuss make-up.

I never thought I’d see the day wherein I prefer specialty make up stores over drugstore brands. Don’t get me wrong; I still own a couple few of these drugstore brands. Heck, maybe even a lot. Then months came by and I’m gradually adding branded make-up brands to my collection. I guess, after being convinced by friends and a makeup artist to pick up my first Ruby Woo, I realized there really is difference when it comes to the makeup’s consistency and quality.

In short, my makeup life has never been the same again.

I’ve scrimped for months now, at least with regards to buying lippies. Then came this:

0830_mac september collection

MAC x Antonio Lopez Collection, 3 lips/ fuschia palette (L-R: Candy Yum Yum, Moxie, Violetta)

MAC x Antonio Lopez Collection

I haven’t heard of Antonio Lopez until now. But if I rely on Wikipedia, below is a brief description of the man:

Antonio Lopez (February 11, 1943 – March 17, 1987) was a fashion illustrator whose work appeared in such publications as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Interview and The New York Times. Several books collecting his illustrations have been published. In his obituary, the New York Times called him a “major fashion illustrator.”[1] He generally signed his works as “Antonio.”[1]

Hands down to one of MAC’s 2013 Fall collection! The packaging is a subtle tribute to the 80s. And the palettes? Definitely brings the Jem and the Holograms’ flashbacks and electrifying colors!

One reason why I’m such an eager beaver to buy this palette is the fact that it contains two shades on my MAC-Matte Bucketlist:

(a) Candy Yum Yum

(b) Moxie

To buy or not to buy? That is the question.

But I’m leaning towards buying, if only MAC Philippines will join the worldwide release this September. (I hope it does!) I just called MAC Shangri-la and sadly, they have no idea on the exact date the collection will be released.

For the meantime, let the excitement get me going! 🙂

it baffles me when people do otherwise

0827_justdoitAs long as it God-given, good and fulfilling, going for one’s dream/s is worth it.  At first, it maybe scary. Risky even.

But dreams are planted in a man’s heart for a reason.

Oftentimes, the whole idea of making that dream a reality is so overwhelming, that our natural tendency is to put it on-hold and wait. And wait we do, until we realize the many wasted years of just answering that question of “What if?”

People who go and take that first leap of faith tends to fail at first. Trust me, fulfilling dreams is never an easy task. Yet oftentimes, these people never give up, they persevere and realize that their dream/s succeed into becoming reality.

So what are you waiting for?