What would life be when you are living alone?

0823_1God created other human beings for a reason. Not being super-spiritual here or something, but there’s a purpose why we are dealing, mingling and living with the people present in our lives at the moment.

They make our lives interesting, for starters. You want example? Below are some. Fellas, I present to you my colleagues, my teammates and yes, some people I’ve build relationships with. These are artists, designers, photographers, makeup artists etc. These are REAL people.


2013 Manila Creatives (Some missing in the photos)

Sometimes the going gets tough in the team; but the tough in us gets going. We are not perfect, that’s for sure.
However, if there’s one thing certain, then know this:

We know how to have fun. And we get creative in doing so.

0823_3You want wacky?0823_4  We’ll give you wacky!0823_5These are just a part of the everyday people I interact with.  We have our share of drama and laughs, and I’m blessed to have them, alongside the rest of my teammates (present and former) not included in these photos.


All photos: Patrick Rivera | Makeup Artist: Richelle | Stylist (Women): Moi/ Anjo (Men): Patrick/ Alvin


qu'est-ce que c'est?

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