the room project never ends

I’m turning Martha Stewart.

It started as a room project approximately two-three years ago, with the goal of a “minimalist and clutter-free” vibe. I’m not exactly there yet, but I’m happy to say little by little, I am (getting there). I would love to share photos of the project (included in my 2014 bucket list), but for the mean time, I’m doing an online board of my “must-buys” (Edit: Already did this evening!):


Alice Blue Scented Candles

Portable Book Reading Stand

Portable Book Reading Stand

Food Container

Food Container. Yes, that included especially when you are tired from work and just want to relax on your down in your bed and watch your favorite TV show.

Small Industrial Fan

Small Industrial Fan

Happy camper here. Turning 32 has never been this much of an adventure, domestic-wise!


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