coffee or tea?


I have indulged in coffee way too much, I decided to slightly distance myself from it. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t the first time I’m into drinking tea. I’ve been (drinking tea), but my go-to drink ever since was coffee. Like comfort food, coffee has always been an upper for days wherein I’m in dire need for hype (which is like EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.) But it’s time to inject some changes around my system.

Sort of.

Thus, the need to further explore coffee’s close relative. So as soon as I found out the discounted price* (of tea from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, CBTL) via Taste Central, I took the plunge.


My “go-to” drink lately, Vanilla Ceylon goes well with milk. This had me at first sip. This has a sweet aroma and has rich vanilla flavor (obviously).


African Sunrise is a full-bodied flavor tea with a delightfully sweet and creamy aroma.

The other one I purchased was Lung Ching Dragonwell, a green tea with mild flavor which I find perfect for relaxation or nightcaps. I’ve only purchased three tin cans for now, but going into research, I’m quite surprised with the many, many types of flavored teas (CBTL offers a LOT!) I’m thinking, this experimentation may actually take a longer while. 🙂 Hah! Here’s to looking forward to many more awesome tea variants.

(And just to be clear, I’m not deviating from coffee. It’s just me being adventurous with my caffeine fix!)

*Price has been one hesitation for me to join the tea drinkers’ bandwagon. To get quality tea, there’s a certain price to be paid. I’m not a snob. Obviously, I buy tea in supermarkets; however, mostly offered are black teas with limited variants and it’s not enough should you wish to experience a wide range of tea flavors.


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