what’s on my playlist?

One’s a Kiwi. The others are Brits.

I won’t overthink nor oversimplify the songs. But the first time I hear these, I was drawn to the lyrical content synced with (mostly) electronic pop sounds. One word: brilliant.

Lorde and Bastille are great artists making great music.

Lorde is gaining international recognition, much more than Bastille. Google Lorde and see her music top international charts in less than two years. Now, how’s that for a (nearly) 17-year old?! Anyway, I do hope fame doesn’t get in her head and she continues to do good music.

On to Bastille. Seriously, they remind me of the 80s. I like it. Led by frontman Dan Smith, they are a British indie rock band formed in London. However, with them receiving four nominations at the 2014 Brit Awards, they have officially gone mainstream. No problem with me, as long as they grow with their music style without compromise.

Enjoy the playlist!