my piece of peace


12 midnight today, he went out to bought me flowers. I woke up early morning with these beauties beside the bed. I planted a kiss on his left cheek, thanking him for the romantic gesture he did for my birthday.


Afternoon, we had our own personal meeting of our plans and goals for the year as a couple. I decided to “unplug” myself and focus on the things that have more weight in my life, as it should always be. I spent the day with him and thank God for another year that has passed and hopefully, another year to add in my life. We don’t know what’s ahead of us, nor the challenges that may come. But I’m glad, at this point in time, I have my best friend around to keep me grounded.

Come dinner, he took me out to Guevarra’s, a restaurant tucked in a residential place at San Juan. I liked how the place was secluded from the noise of Manila, alongside the historic feel that somehow makes one nostalgic and calm.

Our dining experience was memorable, everything was perfect. We came in for early dinner, which was a good idea so that we can both get rested and ready for work week. And the food? It was great, we literally had stomach ache. No kidding, we did, that we took Moroccan Mint tea to ease the pain off the time we got home. 🙂


Best birthday ever, especially when you spend it with someone you’ve always prayed to God for. Here’s to hoping and praying for more of the best birthdays to come.

(Thank you God! 🙂


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