condura run 2015

Given my weight issues now, there is NO WAY I’d join one of the most renowned marathons in the Philippines: the 2015 CONDURA SKYWAY MARATHON. I stopped running since who-knows-when and never looked back.

But next year, maybe I should. I have been shoving a lot of my used-to-fit clothes at the most bottom part of my closet, it’s not even good.

My husband? The exact opposite. We switched habits lifestyles. He’s now the healthier one and I’m not. He joined the 21K category and I couldn’t be more proud. He has beaten his time from his last 21K run over two years ago, under the same organizer.


Night before the run


Condura Race Village around 7am.


Waited for him at the finish line, this was one of the first photos I took after he finished his 21K run.

The last marathon I joined was back in 2013, 10K category. After which, a complete halt from it all — Too busy? Lacked enthusiasm? Focused on career? Got tired of being healthy? Or probably all these things?


I simply ran of excuses (all pun intended) and now I’m mind-setting myself back into being healthy.

That’s a lot to take, being healthy, as I have to consider my diet and lifestyle. I’m a creature of habit and lately, everything has revolved around work & home.

Time to invest in my health again. After all, prevention is always better than the cure.


2 thoughts on “condura run 2015

  1. Sandro says:

    Hi pinsan! Health is wealth. Miss ka na namin. Anyway Im happy that you’re taking time to invest on your health and fitness again. Congratulations kay Alvin for beating his old record, he’s disciplined and focussed. Keep smashing it! Champyon!

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