revisiting my list

deadseaAlmost two years ago, I felt blessed to have this TO-DO crossed off my list: Float on the Dead Sea making two “peace” signs.

It has been a while since I travelled. If you ask me, I miss it. Given my current circumstance, I seem challenged more and more to find time (to travel). I have the choice, yes, and it’s something I always tell other people; however, there are certain factors that outweigh my desire to travel.

But maybe we will SOON. We, meaning, my deciding factor involves my hubby. I just have to tweak the Travel Bucket List and include the Hubby’s.

I want to experience drinking coffee, or tea, at a typical Parisian cafe. I want to ride the Cable Car of San Francisco. Or New York subway. I want to walk on the streets of Prague.

And then some.

So maybe, just maybe, posting a memoir of me floating by the Dead Sea will be a reminder that I should travel again. But this time, with my lifelong partner. 🙂

(And for the record, each birthday wish always includes world peace.)


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