about her


Photographer. Graphic Designer. Blogger.

My name is Jhenny and I’m currently residing in Manila, a New York-esque type of city as most Fil-Ams would say. If the analogy is correct, then I would be in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, a place where “La Vie Bohème” is one way to describe it.

I am an artist. I mostly visualize things and find ways to express it — through photos, art and yes, even writing.

I am an artist who also likes to travel. To travel when I have the means… or even when I don’t. To travel cheap or fancy, it doesn’t matter. It is one of the things that keep me motivated in life. Like my brother, I also bought a World map and a Philippine map to pin out places I’ve been to. And look for places I want to be. To travel is go beyond the place, at least to me. It is sinking my teeth into a different culture, meeting a variety of people, capturing a lot of images, and experiencing what this life has to offer.

In my 30s now, twelve years later & still into blogging.

In a way, this is a biography of a girl, somewhere in the area of Manila whose aim is to share her life’s random images and experiences.

For the effort and time spent blogging, I hope my voice can be heard (and photographed images seen) in the world wide web …and somehow, shed a thing or two to the reader.


2 Enero/ January/ Janvier 2013 • 2203H • Maynila/ Manila/ Manille

www.twitter.com/iamjhenny •  jhenny.laquian@yahoo.com


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