ecuadorian roses


Fun fact: I’m a big fan of RED roses.

Thus, imagine my excitement when I saw flower shops in my neighborhood start to bring in Ecuadorian Roses. They’re these massively HUGE red flowers, they’ll blow your mind with their beauty. Every time I go home, I always make a mental note to check out these flowers.

Since then, it literally played at the back of my head that if I ever get hitched, I’ll make sure to order a bouquet for my wedding.


Come 2014, I finally did.


wow. 2015.

My life in 2014 went so fast, I didn’t even know where’d it go exactly.

Okay, so maybe I do.

And a grain of truth dawned upon me: the more you get blessed, the more you get busy. So BUSY I WENT. It was full of ups and downs, challenges and MORE challenges, victories and failures. I can never quite say I’m there yet, there being where I want to be. But the journey has been spontaneous, continuous and frankly, quite “interesting”.

Thus, I look forward to a better 2015. This, by far, may be the BEST year ever. Or worst.

But that’s LIFE. You take it as it is and get gutsy enough to face it.


PS. My resolution? Probably be a better blogger of life this time. I haven’t been for more than six months now.

i’m kinda’ missing this.

Somehow, listening to the radio and waiting for your favorite songs to play is a stress-buster. This was back in the 90s when computer technology was in its early stage. Doing a mix tape ignites ingenuity. Add to that, it is a form of art. It is about making sure that every song you record on your cassette doesn’t include the voice of the radio jock or the sudden inset of radio commercials.


Oh Mix Tape, you are a lost art of the 90s. (Source:

driving 101. and 101. and some more 101.

Refresher course!

I’ve had one too many driving lessons and here I am, yet again, giving it another try. No regrets from my past lessons. The technical stuff has been taught; but back when I was in my teens/ twenties, my attitude about driving pointed towards immature reasons. Maybe that’s why I learned the right things at the wrong time. Too much responsibility (in driving) and bad attitude just don’t match. Never will.

Compared to my past driving experiences, I enjoyed it this time around. I’m digesting things little by little, bearing in mind that driving is not to be taken too lightly, nor too seriously. Driving should be enjoyed in moderation, taking into account the responsibility that comes with it. 

After all, driving is a privilege and the best you I can do is to do it safely for the motoring public and myself.

Indeed, experience proves to be a good teacher.