memoirs of paris

It has always been a dream to go to Paris, so when I had my friend went there to study photography, I was thrilled. More than thrilled, really. When I found out about it, I was like, “you are living my dream!”

For my friend to go there, somehow, made that dream come to life.Thank God for technology, years passed by like seconds. We never lost touch, and kept each other updated via social media.

So we went on with each other’s lives, making the most out of life, and living the best way we can to live the dreams. Obviously, mine was different, now that I got married. But if you ask us, visiting Paris is still on the Bucket List.

Enough stalling. So, going back to years passing by like seconds, my friend brought with him great Parisian finds to bring home for me. That & a lot of stories!

Somewhat, he gave us a taste of what’s ahead should my husband and I actualize our dreams of being there. (By the way, my husband LOVES the French macarons!)

Merci mon ami pour en cadeaux!


Before Laduree Craze sets in Manila, I got mine fresh from Paris.


More Parisian finds courtesy of my friend.