monkey arms

That’s a cool way to define weight lift exercise intended for women. Aside from THE muffin top, I’m targeting my flabby arms. Thanks to my sister, I’m a proud owner of Fitness Magazine hand-me-downs. Yesterday, I flipped through the magazine pages & found this particular exercise:

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 10.05.28 PM

We do Monkey Around! The healthy way, of course!

Targets shoulders, triceps, and biceps

  • Stand with feet hip-width apart, holding a dumbbell in each hand, arms by sides.
  • Raise dumbbells up along sides of rib cage to armpits, elbows pointing out to sides.
  • Extend arms out to sides, palms down. Reverse motion back to start.
  • Do 2 sets of 20 reps.


Yesterday, I did 2 sets of 2o reps. Now I did 5. Happy!

Honestly, my arms are not the worst kind of flabby. But still (flabby). I noticed alongside everyone. To add insult to my injury, I saw a colleague years ago who couldn’t help but notice that I gained weight. It’s not that I have gone extremely overweight; but I guess, with (most) people knowing me as (an ex) health buff, they would go into assumption that I would be conscious of my food intake and would be taking care of my physique.

But there are times that people try and fail. I failed. Yet, it doesn’t mean, I couldn’t pick myself up and try again.

Instead of feeling bad for myself, I’ll consider criticisms as an additional source of motivation (Take note: additional source only.) Primary reason, to me, should always be health and good stewardship of your body.

Oh yes, this body’s undergoing maintenance. Doing more research on weight lifting exercises, targeted towards arm toning and tummy reduction. Need to do alternative workouts to avoid monotony.

Maybe January will be a month of rehabilitating myself towards health and fitness.

Fine by me!

keep your heart right

Starting the year keeping mine.MIHDid cardio today for thirty minutes, consider this a log of my routine. May not be always, but I’ll try! Really try! I’m getting tired of my muffin top. It’s so passé.MTHel-loooo Muffin Top, I liked you for a while but you seriously gotta’ go.

Tomorrow, I’ll do weights.

Note to self: Don’t get “ningas-cogon” on me now!

the suriya surrealism

Met up with a dear friend for lunch to do some catching up, alongside a brief business meeting. An added bonus of the meet up was a Suriya Spa gift certificate passed on to me. How could I resist?!

After the recent change in my health lifestyle (I jog now, remember?! Lolz), an R&R such as this is timely and much appreciated. As it is, I’m glad that fate was on my side: my friend had an appointment near my working place, the spa branch was literally a 10-minute drive away from the office and yes, I was already booked a few days back.

Soon as I entered the door, a wonderful staff promptly accommodated me. Waiting time was no more than ten minutes, as several rooms were available (Thank God for weekdays!).  As per one of my conversations with the masseuse, the place usually is a full house on weekends. And the masseuse?! Great! I can really tell she has undergone intensive training. She was very attentive, making sure that I wasn’t getting hurt in terms of massage pressure points.

Frontera Verde Branch

The place itself, from its architecture down to its interiors, creates an environment of tranquility and calm. My experience obviously was a wonderful retreat from the outside world— a 120 minutes of retreat, that is, in a fancy Asian-themed sanctuary (which by the way, I normally don’t do often!)

That’s good enough for me. (Thanks, Benefactor!)

body weight issues

I started running again for the past two weeks, and I’m glad to somehow keep up.

It’s difficult for me as I’ve put off this goal for so many months. It took me a while to (finally) listen to my ‘body issues’, as it was constantly nagged by no less than my ‘body’ itself. When weight drama issues such as the inability to wear (two or more of) your favorite pants, avoiding to check your body in the mirror, or friends bluntly saying “you’re getting fatter” each time they see you, seem to go on & on incessantly, you know it’s time to pause and check. That and the fact that each frustration in my life pushed me to un-curb my appetite and devour each delectable dish on sight.

Not good, I know. Anyway.

I haven’t landed my goal weight, just yet; however, my sweating off somewhat gave me a better kind of feeling. A lighter kind. Probably psychological. But if you go ahead and ask that someone dear to me, he’ll say my skin gets glowing. Ho-hum. At least, that’s improvement.

So I google-d my way to finding out my BMI (Body Mass Index). The result?!

Despite it all, fellas, I’m still under the normal category.

(Although I find myself dealing with my trust issues on the reference site, given the ‘grammar glitch’. But hey, nobody’s perfect.)

You do not live to eat. You eat to live.

the uncertainty of things

The cold temperature inside this hospital room seems like a dreary representation of the things to come.

My grandmother is confined in UST for a week now due to respiratory problems. As it is, her length of stay here feels like its more than a week, considering how I often see and greet her before (or after) I go to work. The house feels incomplete, longing for the presence of my faithful and ever inquiring grandma (for an 88 year old, she has a very “sharp” memory.)

But I am hopeful — God works in His own ways and certainly, all we have to do is seek His grace and trust His plans. As painful as it is to admit, there’s nothing much I can do but to pray, read His Word, and in my own way, find time to be there for my “lola” and the rest of the family who cares for her.

She has a longtime history with heart problem and as I quote what my aunt said, “every attack is a traitor”.  Just around 8pm today, I talked to my other aunt – her daughter – on how her condition is improving. Came 1130pm, I got a missed call and got word that her condition turned severe — that they have to use a ventilator for her breathing problems. Worse, doctors highly suggested to inject a respiratory tube on her to alleviate her difficulty in breathing.

So to say, it has then became official: my grandmother’s health condition is unpredictable. But instead of giving into the despair of uncertainty, I have to put my “game face” on. I have to mindset that things will be better. And IT WILL BE BETTER.

It will be better no matter what the future will bring.

It will be better no matter how vague the situation is at the moment.

It will be better because my grandmother is fighting for every breath she breathes. Again, she is a fighter.

It will be better because everyone in the family stays connected.

It will be better because life goes on.



Yes, His plans are always better. Best, even.


Romans 26 In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. 27 And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.

28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who[i] have been calledaccording to his purpose.