revisiting my list

deadseaAlmost two years ago, I felt blessed to have this TO-DO crossed off my list: Float on the Dead Sea making two “peace” signs.

It has been a while since I travelled. If you ask me, I miss it. Given my current circumstance, I seem challenged more and more to find time (to travel). I have the choice, yes, and it’s something I always tell other people; however, there are certain factors that outweigh my desire to travel.

But maybe we will SOON. We, meaning, my deciding factor involves my hubby. I just have to tweak the Travel Bucket List and include the Hubby’s.

I want to experience drinking coffee, or tea, at a typical Parisian cafe. I want to ride the Cable Car of San Francisco. Or New York subway. I want to walk on the streets of Prague.

And then some.

So maybe, just maybe, posting a memoir of me floating by the Dead Sea will be a reminder that I should travel again. But this time, with my lifelong partner. 🙂

(And for the record, each birthday wish always includes world peace.)


turkish sunrise


Enjoying the view from the plane, woke up to a beautiful scenery.


Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.


Oh yes, I wasn’t. I was above the Turkish plains, mountains and city.

Even if it was a short layover, it was nice to land in a different country. Considering the fast-paced stopovers from Hongkong to Turkey to Israel, I stopped for a minute or two and appreciated (Turkey). Their airport and airlines, to be exact. And the view from above.

Plus, the free dried apricots given in the plane. Totally different from the one I bought here.

Maybe someday, I will do more than just a stop over. Turkey is not exactly in my bucket list. But life is random and full of surprises so who knows? Ask me again five to ten years from now.